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      Muscle House

      It’s testosterone overload.  Seven aspiring bodybuilders, each with their own distinct personality, training together under one roof.

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      Pumped Up Texas

      There are 30,000 fitness gyms in the US…but only one has created 8 world champions.  Welcome to Metroflex Gym in Texas.

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      America’s Strongest Cop

      Derek Poundstone is truly “America’s Strongest Cop”….because he is currently the reigning champion of the World’s Strongest Man competition.

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      Next New Fitness Craze

      Americans go through exercise regimens like gym socks and over the years we have seen many fitness trends come and go. “Next New Fitness Craze” is a competition show where hopeful fitness gurus compete to see who is the next Suzanne Sommers or Richard Simmons.  

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