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      While You Wait

      This is the game show that takes place anywhere you find folks waiting–from a fast-food drive thru, to a bus stop, to the checkout line at the pharmacy.

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      Meet The Frockers

      The biggest prom store in America, Peaches, has over 500 customers daily and sells more prom, sweet sixteen, and quincenera dresses than anywhere in the country!

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      What The Coasts Don’t Know

      Emily Baldwin is not your everyday fashion trendsetter. She’s smart, sassy and opinionated and…she lives in Kansas City!

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      Let’s Shop

      A spinoff of the syndicated series “Let’s Shop”, this new series will bring viewers inside the world’s most exclusive, exciting and famous shopping destinations.

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      Brides Unscripted

      Welcome to Mon Amie, the largest bridal salon on the West Coast where it’s not just the brides causing trouble.  

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