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      Hollywood Simple with Jake Tyson

      Leaky sink? Broken garage door? Crumbling driveway? Luckily, there’s a good-looking, rugged, and handy Aussie tv star to the rescue. Jake Tyson, a home-improvement expert who has his own line of tools.

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      The Decorating Challenge

      Two couples put their relationship to the test as they set out to makeover a room in each other’s house. Along with design professionals and carpenters, each team will have only eighteen hours and a budget of fifteen hundred dollars with which to work.

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      The Gardening Gamble

      hink Trading Spaces for gardens, this hit series created for W Network in Canada, has never been seen in the US.

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      Move or Improve

      You loved your house in the beginning…but now the romance is over.  So you have a choice…”Move Or Improve”!

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      Flip or Flop

      Tarek and Christina El Moussa still believe there’s a fortune to be made in today’s real estate market. But Flipping 2.0 is a lot riskier and requires a much more hands-on approach.

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