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      The Pin-up Girls

      Pink Kitty Studios is transforming Plain Janes into eye-popping pin-ups every day. With the help of the wild all-girl threesome that runs this photo studio, housewives and girlfriends are learning to unleash their inner playmate after a head-to-toe makeover and risque photo shoots.

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      The G-Spot

      Let’s face it, some guys need a lot of work. Whether they cant find the right way to please their woman or they have a wandering eye, there is finally an answer.

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      Freak Accidents

      A man jumps into a ceiling fan, a woman glues her eyes shut, a teenager lodges a butter knife in the side of his friend’s head. What were they thinking?  

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      My Dad, The Mafia Boss

      Ever wonder what it’s like to grow up in the real Sopranos?  After a lifelong family silence, the story of Sam Giancana has a dramatic new twist — the Giancana mafia princesses are about to speak publicly for the first time.

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      Expose Your Shadow

      Alexandra Katehakis, the director of the Center For Healthy Sex in Los Angeles and author of the best selling book on sexual addiction, appears regularly on news and talk shows to discuss this condition that affects 5% of the population.  

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      Spring Break ER

      80,000 Spring Breakers descend upon Mexico each year, and 10,000 end up in emergency rooms.  Whether it’s alcohol abuse, food poisoning or stingray bites, students on vacation for the first time without adult supervision get themselves into trouble.

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      If your dog behaves badly, you call the dog whisperer….but who whispers to everything else?

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      Am I Normal?

      We all have things we think are different, but what we all want to know is “Am I Normal?”

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      Lucky Day

      Lucky Day is the show where hidden cameras catch real people risking their own embarrassment to help other people caught in outrageous dilemmas.

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      Classic Car Wash

      Classic Car Wash brings together two of Americans’ most favorite past-times: watching beautiful women and classic cars.

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