• Pageant Queens

      In the state of New Jersey, the competition is fierce in the preliminary pageants to Miss America as three well-known pageant directors battle it out to see if their contenders can win the crown.

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      What The Coasts Don’t Know

      Emily Baldwin is not your everyday fashion trendsetter. She’s smart, sassy and opinionated and…she lives in Kansas City!

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      Like the series from which it is spun off, “Envy”, is a non-stop celebration of hot women, exotic locations, cool diversions and amazing getaways.

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      The Shot

      The “Project Runway” of commercial photography, “The Shot” showcases talented, up and coming, creative photographers trying to break into the tight-knit circle of the exclusive commercial world.

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      From his South Beach studio, LeiMarco is creating a fashion revolution.

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      Classic Car Wash

      Classic Car Wash brings together two of Americans’ most favorite past-times: watching beautiful women and classic cars.

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