• Pageant Queens

      In the state of New Jersey, the competition is fierce in the preliminary pageants to Miss America as three well-known pageant directors battle it out to see if their contenders can win the crown.

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      Eddie Ross Junk Boss

      One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Thats Eddie Ross’s motto as he transforms junk into one-of-kind pieces for people in need.

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    • King of Crowns

      Nothing to fear at this Dentist office. Dr. Anthony and his team create a fun, relaxed environment but aren’t afraid to take on the tough cases.

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      Under the guidance of makeup-artist-to-the-stars Kim White, our fashion paparazzi are catching victims in the street and taking them from busted to beautiful.  

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      The Pin-up Girls

      Pink Kitty Studios is transforming Plain Janes into eye-popping pin-ups every day. With the help of the wild all-girl threesome that runs this photo studio, housewives and girlfriends are learning to unleash their inner playmate after a head-to-toe makeover and risque photo shoots.

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      Junk Hunters

      One person’s junk is another person’s treasure — and with thousands of miles of flea markets from coast to coast, there’s lots of junk to be found and eccentric people to talk to. Enter Dave Bird and Val Myers, who are bringing back their hit television series, “Junkin” with an interactive twist.

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      Real People for Real Makeovers with Jacqui Stafford

      This British-born global style guru reaches millions of consumers daily with her trademark ‘best-girlfriend style advice.

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      What The Coasts Don’t Know

      Emily Baldwin is not your everyday fashion trendsetter. She’s smart, sassy and opinionated and…she lives in Kansas City!

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      Let’s Shop

      A spinoff of the syndicated series “Let’s Shop”, this new series will bring viewers inside the world’s most exclusive, exciting and famous shopping destinations.

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      Inn Therapy

      From Alaska to Montana to New York, hospitality specialist Julian Hutton has over 20 years of experience in turning failing inns and bed & breakfasts into 5-star retreats and lodges.

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