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      Bigger Than Barney

      Bozo The Clown, Captain Kangaroo, Pee Wee Herman — each generation has a performer that captivates the hearts of children everywhere.

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      I Work With Dummies

      The world’s number one puppet maker, Tim Selberg, has a peculiar family-owned business that creates ventriloquist figures for the biggest names in television, theater and film.

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      Life Lessons 101

      It’s never too early to teach your children some of the basic things we all need to learn…the stuff we don’t necessarily learn in the classroom.

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      Play 2 Win

      An inside look at the world of competitive youth events, documenting the lives of parents and kids in their quests to become the best.

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      Mommy Minutes

      Laurie Gelman, former host of After Breakfast on Fox and Good Morning America correspondent, spent five years hosting “The Mom Show” which aired on WE tv in the US and on Slice in Canada.

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      The Underdog with Jerry Rice

      The Underdog with Jerry Rice is a real-life version of Bad News Bears. The host, NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, transforms a team of misfits into true competitors.

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