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      Next New Kitchen Gadget

      We all have bought those contraptions for our kitchen that make life easier.  Now the time has come to put the power of invention into the hands of America.

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      Next New Fitness Craze

      Americans go through exercise regimens like gym socks and over the years we have seen many fitness trends come and go. “Next New Fitness Craze” is a competition show where hopeful fitness gurus compete to see who is the next Suzanne Sommers or Richard Simmons.  

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      Next New Animal Gadget

      “Next New Animal Gadget” is a competition show to find the inventor of that ideal pet item which might be the next Kong or Pooper-Scooper.

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      Backyard Geniuses

      What do you get when you combine a group of tattooed gear-heads, hi-tech NASA engineering nerds, a lot of spare parts and a little bit of beer? The answer is Backyard Geniuses.

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