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    • Pageant Queens

      In the state of New Jersey, the competition is fierce in the preliminary pageants to Miss America as three well-known pageant directors battle it out to see if their contenders can win the crown.

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      Eddie Ross Junk Boss

      One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Thats Eddie Ross’s motto as he transforms junk into one-of-kind pieces for people in need.

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    • Doggie Style

      Fashion has gone to the dogs. All over the country, doggie designers are opening boutiques showcasing their furry friends.

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    • Shawn Rabideau

      New York’s Shawn Rabideau is one of Manhattans most sought after wedding planners, catering to celebrities and millionaires.

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      Star Treatment

      Celebrity fashion designer Angela Dean, and her celebrity stylist daughter, Tiffany, have transformed stars getting ready for the red carpet or a major event.

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      Rags to Riches

      Elizabeth Mason, owner of Beverly Hills’ vintage couture oasis “The Paper Bag Princess”, designs one-of-a-kind dresses for stars like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham. But being the preeminent vintage expert isn’t always glamorous.

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      My Big Frugal Wedding

      Under the guidance of Jenna DeAngeles, one of the world’s foremost master craftswomen and artists, My Big Frugal Wedding helps a cash-strapped couple tap into their inner Martha Stewart and find solutions to their wedding challenges without throwing money at the problem.

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      What The Coasts Don’t Know

      Emily Baldwin is not your everyday fashion trendsetter. She’s smart, sassy and opinionated and…she lives in Kansas City!

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      Tough Cookie

      Gail Dosik not only acts like a tough cookie, she cooks them too! From her acclaimed New York City bakery, aptly named One Tough Cookie, Gail designs and bakes custom cookies, pastries, and cakes every day.

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      Bride & Joy

      Every bride wants her dress to look unique…so why do they all look the same? Renowned designer Joy and her staff create custom wedding dresses which incorporate themes and styles, family heirlooms and vintage items custom-tailored for each bride.

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