• King of Crowns

      Nothing to fear at this Dentist office. Dr. Anthony and his team create a fun, relaxed environment but aren’t afraid to take on the tough cases.

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      Style Your Dream Wedding with Susie Cuelho

      From the moment a girl can dream, her future wedding is always a major topic. But when that girl grows up and the time comes, it can be very expensive, time consuming and stressful to plan and pull off her dream wedding. Now it’s a little easier with Susie Cuelho around to show America’s betrothed how to achieve their lifelong dreams.

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      Like bees in a hive, people want to be put together side-by-side. So best selling author, lifestyle/trend expert, and television host/commentator Sally Horchow came up with “Hiving,” which is the creation of innovative group activities to enhance one’s quality of life.

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      Mallika Chopra’s Spiritual Guide to Parenting

      Being a mother can be many things — amazing, fulfilling, challenging, painful, joyful….the list can go on forever — but the key to being a super-Mom is to learn from the challenges and thrills and to pass on solutions to others.

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      Happiness Makeover

      There are millions of people who wish they could transform their drab, depressing lives into happier, more fulfilling existences. Dubbed the “Suze Orman of happiness by the New York Times, CNN Hero Of The Year Dr. Aymee Coget gives clients a three month “Happiness Makeover”.

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      It’s Now or Never

      Have you ever wanted to have your own movie musical or “Glee” moment?  The one where you burst into a song with a backup chorus to express your sentiments to a loved one?

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      Estate of Confusion

      Families who are overwhelmed, at each others throats or are simply not equipped to deal with mountains of junk left behind by a loved one need help.

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      Ready for Love with Kailen Rosenberg

      Kailen Rosenberg, relationship expert and celebrity matchmaker, runs the country’s first love and life design firm — where clients come from around the country for self and love makeovers.

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      Expose Your Shadow

      Alexandra Katehakis, the director of the Center For Healthy Sex in Los Angeles and author of the best selling book on sexual addiction, appears regularly on news and talk shows to discuss this condition that affects 5% of the population.  

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      Dr. Mom

      Which is harder, being a doctor or a mother?  Many women have both of these difficult careers — juggling procedures with playdates and patient emergencies with parenting emergencies.  

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