• Doggie Style

      Fashion has gone to the dogs. All over the country, doggie designers are opening boutiques showcasing their furry friends.

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      Alpha Dog

      Dave Cugno is the leader of the pack at his successful canine center. Over his 15 year career, Dave has trained thousands of dogs — from newborn puppies to the most aggressive and neglected dogs, Dave has amazing success with his training philosophy.

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      Family Portrait

      Expert pet photographer Emily Rieman has the ability to glimpse into the soul and capture the essence of each dog, cat, lizard, or bird she photographs.

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      The Dog Man

      The Dog Whisperer works for some, but what if your dog doesn’t hear the whispers or simply ignores them? Welcome The Dog Man, Toriano Sanzone.

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      Kyra Sundance’s 101 Best Dog Tricks

      Dog trainer, performer and author, Kyra Sundance, is a regular guest on talk shows, halftime shows at major sporting events, and sets of movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  

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