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      Cho Country

      Celebrity/comedian Henry Cho is a “Korean Country Boy”, who tries to balance his professional life as a busy entertainer on the road with his very active family life in the Nashville suburbs.

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      Meet The Frockers

      The biggest prom store in America, Peaches, has over 500 customers daily and sells more prom, sweet sixteen, and quincenera dresses than anywhere in the country!

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      Deep Throat…with Crazy Legs Conti

      Crazy Legs Conti is a top ranked Pro Eater with the International Federation of Competitive Eating.  He holds world titles in String Beans, Pancakes and Bacon, Beef Brisket, and Twinkies.

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      Sweet Spot

      It’s the “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” of desserts!   Chef/owner of Baltimore’s famed Blue Moon Cafe, Sarah Simington was featured on The Food Network showcasing her special sweet treat, Captain Crunch French Toast.  Now Sarah’s hitting the road.

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      Ferret Nation

      One million Americans are part of a ferret subculture.  They redesign their homes, spend thousands on elaborate cages, even sleep and shower with pets who become their greatest source of companionship.  

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      Beer Nuts

      It’s the “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” of beer!  Classically trained master brewer Michael Ferguson has earned certificates from the most prestigious brewing schools in the work, trains brewers all over the country, and now he’s leading viewers on a voyeuristic, inclusive and immersive road trip into the heart of an American passion, beer.  

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      Vinny Cakes

      Vinny Garcia took the long road on the way to creating The Bleeding Heart Bakery. His upbringing taught him that if you want to make it, you have to do it yourself.

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      Meatball Mafia

      Meet the Fortes—a big friggin’ Italian family who own one of the most successful Italian restaurants in New Jersey, “The Godfather of East Hanover” pizzeria. 

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      Tough Cookie

      Gail Dosik not only acts like a tough cookie, she cooks them too! From her acclaimed New York City bakery, aptly named One Tough Cookie, Gail designs and bakes custom cookies, pastries, and cakes every day.

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      Cooking Together

      As executive chef at “Casa del Loy”,a doctor, teacher, writer and inventor, Dr. Randall Allen Loy has his hands full with a wife and his four sons.

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