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      This is “The People’s Court” meets “Cops” meets “Dateline.” With the assistance of the Nevada State Contractors Board, our cameras are there as we follow investigations and complaints through to a resolution, including sting operations, to expose shoddy work and workers and seek justice and a resolution for the homeowner.

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      Live Large, Spend Small

      Say hello to Rene Syler,  former host of the CBS Early Show, renowned author, and passionate bargain-hunter to her core.  Rene knows how to find the decorating needle in the haystack.

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      What Would MacGyver Do?

      Imagine the possibilities when “Survivorman” meets “Mythbusters” — Bret Terrill, the energetic and ingenious host and author of “The Unofficial MacGyver How-to Handbook”, has the skills, brains and experience to figure his way out of any problem.

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      Junk Hunters

      One person’s junk is another person’s treasure — and with thousands of miles of flea markets from coast to coast, there’s lots of junk to be found and eccentric people to talk to. Enter Dave Bird and Val Myers, who are bringing back their hit television series, “Junkin” with an interactive twist.

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      Hollywood Simple with Jake Tyson

      Leaky sink? Broken garage door? Crumbling driveway? Luckily, there’s a good-looking, rugged, and handy Aussie tv star to the rescue. Jake Tyson, a home-improvement expert who has his own line of tools.

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      Point, Click, Design

      How do you makeover a room without ever setting foot in a store?  On a budget?  In 60 minutes?  In “Point, Click, Design”, Jennifer Farrell (host of A&E’s “Find And Design”) helps a couple make this happen.

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      The Decorating Challenge

      Two couples put their relationship to the test as they set out to makeover a room in each other’s house. Along with design professionals and carpenters, each team will have only eighteen hours and a budget of fifteen hundred dollars with which to work.

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      The Gardening Gamble

      hink Trading Spaces for gardens, this hit series created for W Network in Canada, has never been seen in the US.

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      Untitled Ron Hazelton Project

      A spinoff of the popular syndicated series, “Ron Hazelton’s HouseCalls”, this new series will show viewers how to tackle those home projects that they’ve been putting off.  

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      Move or Improve

      You loved your house in the beginning…but now the romance is over.  So you have a choice…”Move Or Improve”!

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