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      Pretty Little Caterers

      When you want to wow your entire dinner party you call the Black Dress Chefs. These girls can cook and they do it in style.

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    • Carla Pellegrino

      Loud, proud Brazilian/Italian chef Carla Pellegrino heats things up on the Las Vegas strip.

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      Grill Sergeant

      Imagine cooking for 500 hungry soldiers 3 times per day, every day. Enter Brad Turner Рthe no-nonsense US Army Sergeant who has a recipe for success.

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      Cooking Together

      As executive chef at “Casa del Loy”,a doctor, teacher, writer and inventor, Dr. Randall Allen Loy has his hands full with a wife and his four sons.

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      Copy Cat

      Every great restaurant has that one signature dish that you’d love to make at home.

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      It Tastes Good to be Thin with Daniel Green

      It Tastes Good to Be Thin” is a life transforming series that marches right to the front lines in the battle of the bulge.

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      Next New Kitchen Gadget

      We all have bought those contraptions for our kitchen that make life easier.  Now the time has come to put the power of invention into the hands of America.

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      The Spachelor

      Is the way to a lady’s heart through her stomach? If so, imagine The Dating Game meets Top Chef.

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