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      Ferret Nation

      One million Americans are part of a ferret subculture.  They redesign their homes, spend thousands on elaborate cages, even sleep and shower with pets who become their greatest source of companionship.  

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      Alpha Dog

      Dave Cugno is the leader of the pack at his successful canine center. Over his 15 year career, Dave has trained thousands of dogs — from newborn puppies to the most aggressive and neglected dogs, Dave has amazing success with his training philosophy.

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      Critter Hunter

      Rick Wilberscheid, aka “The Critter Hunter”, is a guy who stalks coyotes, skunks, snakes, bats — any rogue varmint that regularly move in and refuse to move out of homes, schools and businesses.

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      Chimp Haven

      “Chimp Haven”, Louisiana is a retirement home for with 119 residents — all chimpanzees with a distinct personality and story.  

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      Next New Animal Gadget

      “Next New Animal Gadget” is a competition show to find the inventor of that ideal pet item which might be the next Kong or Pooper-Scooper.

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      If your dog behaves badly, you call the dog whisperer….but who whispers to everything else?

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