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      Demo Dogs

      Who do you hire when you need to blow something up or tear something down? Billy Paxton and his family.

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      What Would MacGyver Do?

      Imagine the possibilities when “Survivorman” meets “Mythbusters” — Bret Terrill, the energetic and ingenious host and author of “The Unofficial MacGyver How-to Handbook”, has the skills, brains and experience to figure his way out of any problem.

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      Freak Accidents

      A man jumps into a ceiling fan, a woman glues her eyes shut, a teenager lodges a butter knife in the side of his friend’s head. What were they thinking?  

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      Knight Life

      After two decades of training the employees of Medieval Times, foremost jouster Greg Hopla has founded Knights Of The Realm — a world class, traveling joust show.

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      Thai Box City

      A look at the everyday people who compete in Muay Thai, the centuries-old combat experiencing a surge in popularity, with clubs opening up all over North America.

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      Racing Girls

      Modern women, sick of being on the sidelines, are getting on the track in an extreme way. “Racing Girls” profiles the ladies of  women’s motorcycle racing

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