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    The Underdog with Jerry Rice

    The Underdog with Jerry Rice is a real-life version of Bad News Bears. The host, NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, transforms a team of misfits into true competitors.

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    On a Whim

    On a Whim brings together Publisher’s Clearing House and Queen For A Day — taking dream-making and giving it a twist.

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    Play 2 Win

    An inside look at the world of competitive youth events, documenting the lives of parents and kids in their quests to become the best.

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    Untitled Dr. Anna Marie Project

    A spinoff of the syndicated series “Your Life With Dr. Anna Marie”, this new series offers “easy to swallow” tips and inspirational stories for how to improve the health of your family or home.

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    Expose Your Shadow

    Alexandra Katehakis, the director of the Center For Healthy Sex in Los Angeles and author of the best selling book on sexual addiction, appears regularly on news and talk shows to discuss this condition that affects 5% of the population.  

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    Chimp Haven

    “Chimp Haven”, Louisiana is a retirement home for with 119 residents — all chimpanzees with a distinct personality and story.  

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    Psychic Intervention

    The Bodines are referred to as the world’s most psychic family with a long list of celebrity clients.  

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    Ready for Love with Kailen Rosenberg

    Kailen Rosenberg, relationship expert and celebrity matchmaker, runs the country’s first love and life design firm — where clients come from around the country for self and love makeovers.

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    It’s Now or Never

    Have you ever wanted to have your own movie musical or “Glee” moment?  The one where you burst into a song with a backup chorus to express your sentiments to a loved one?

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    It Tastes Good to be Thin with Daniel Green

    It Tastes Good to Be Thin” is a life transforming series that marches right to the front lines in the battle of the bulge.

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    Freak Accidents

    A man jumps into a ceiling fan, a woman glues her eyes shut, a teenager lodges a butter knife in the side of his friend’s head. What were they thinking?  

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    Happiness Makeover

    There are millions of people who wish they could transform their drab, depressing lives into happier, more fulfilling existences. Dubbed the “Suze Orman of happiness by the New York Times, CNN Hero Of The Year Dr. Aymee Coget gives clients a three month “Happiness Makeover”.

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    Fat Office

    With today’s long hours and hectic work weeks, employees usually find it hard to focus on their figures. Often settling for fast food, microwaved lunches and vending machines, modern workers just don’t do much to help themselves stay in shape.

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    Reinvention with Susie Coelho

    For everyone who’s worked in a 9-to-5 job or spent time raising a family, and dreamed of something more — becoming an inventor, launching a new business, or turning a hobby into a multi-million dollar empire, Susie Cuelho can get you on the path to achieve your dream.