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    Alternate Route

    What is the best cure for a fever? Is it aspirin or acupuncture? Alternate Route pins two experts against each other — one enthusiast and one skeptic — to answer these questions.

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    Am I Normal?

    We all have things we think are different, but what we all want to know is “Am I Normal?”

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    Play 2 Win

    An inside look at the world of competitive youth events, documenting the lives of parents and kids in their quests to become the best.

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    Untitled Dr. Anna Marie Project

    A spinoff of the syndicated series “Your Life With Dr. Anna Marie”, this new series offers “easy to swallow” tips and inspirational stories for how to improve the health of your family or home.

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    Next New Fitness Craze

    Americans go through exercise regimens like gym socks and over the years we have seen many fitness trends come and go. “Next New Fitness Craze” is a competition show where hopeful fitness gurus compete to see who is the next Suzanne Sommers or Richard Simmons.  

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    Dr. Mom

    Which is harder, being a doctor or a mother?  Many women have both of these difficult careers — juggling procedures with playdates and patient emergencies with parenting emergencies.  

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    America’s Strongest Cop

    Derek Poundstone is truly “America’s Strongest Cop”….because he is currently the reigning champion of the World’s Strongest Man competition.

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    Spring Break ER

    80,000 Spring Breakers descend upon Mexico each year, and 10,000 end up in emergency rooms.  Whether it’s alcohol abuse, food poisoning or stingray bites, students on vacation for the first time without adult supervision get themselves into trouble.

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    Expose Your Shadow

    Alexandra Katehakis, the director of the Center For Healthy Sex in Los Angeles and author of the best selling book on sexual addiction, appears regularly on news and talk shows to discuss this condition that affects 5% of the population.  

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    Pumped Up Texas

    There are 30,000 fitness gyms in the US…but only one has created 8 world champions.  Welcome to Metroflex Gym in Texas.

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    It Tastes Good to be Thin with Daniel Green

    It Tastes Good to Be Thin” is a life transforming series that marches right to the front lines in the battle of the bulge.

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    Muscle House

    It’s testosterone overload.  Seven aspiring bodybuilders, each with their own distinct personality, training together under one roof.

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    Happiness Makeover

    There are millions of people who wish they could transform their drab, depressing lives into happier, more fulfilling existences. Dubbed the “Suze Orman of happiness by the New York Times, CNN Hero Of The Year Dr. Aymee Coget gives clients a three month “Happiness Makeover”.

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    Fat Office

    With today’s long hours and hectic work weeks, employees usually find it hard to focus on their figures. Often settling for fast food, microwaved lunches and vending machines, modern workers just don’t do much to help themselves stay in shape.

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    Mallika Chopra’s Spiritual Guide to Parenting

    Being a mother can be many things — amazing, fulfilling, challenging, painful, joyful….the list can go on forever — but the key to being a super-Mom is to learn from the challenges and thrills and to pass on solutions to others.

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    The Pin-up Girls

    Pink Kitty Studios is transforming Plain Janes into eye-popping pin-ups every day. With the help of the wild all-girl threesome that runs this photo studio, housewives and girlfriends are learning to unleash their inner playmate after a head-to-toe makeover and risque photo shoots.

  • King of Crowns

    Nothing to fear at this Dentist office. Dr. Anthony and his team create a fun, relaxed environment but aren’t afraid to take on the tough cases.