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    Social Heights

    10021 is the most desirable zip code in Manhattan,and Devorah Rose is part of Manhattan’s social elite. Talented, powerful and glamorous, Devorah takes us inside a world that only a chosen few get to enter.

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    The Spachelor

    Is the way to a lady’s heart through her stomach? If so, imagine The Dating Game meets Top Chef.

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    Husband Hunters

    “Husband Hunters” gives us an opportunity to peek into the world of speed dating as we watch three women quickly hunt for Mr. Right.

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    It’s the happiest day of their lives, and couples want more from their time in the spotlight.  They want “Marryoake”!

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    Ready for Love with Kailen Rosenberg

    Kailen Rosenberg, relationship expert and celebrity matchmaker, runs the country’s first love and life design firm — where clients come from around the country for self and love makeovers.

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    It’s Now or Never

    Have you ever wanted to have your own movie musical or “Glee” moment?  The one where you burst into a song with a backup chorus to express your sentiments to a loved one?

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    Real People for Real Makeovers with Jacqui Stafford

    This British-born global style guru reaches millions of consumers daily with her trademark ‘best-girlfriend style advice.

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    My Big Frugal Wedding

    Under the guidance of Jenna DeAngeles, one of the world’s foremost master craftswomen and artists, My Big Frugal Wedding helps a cash-strapped couple tap into their inner Martha Stewart and find solutions to their wedding challenges without throwing money at the problem.

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    The G-Spot

    Let’s face it, some guys need a lot of work. Whether they cant find the right way to please their woman or they have a wandering eye, there is finally an answer.

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    The Pin-up Girls

    Pink Kitty Studios is transforming Plain Janes into eye-popping pin-ups every day. With the help of the wild all-girl threesome that runs this photo studio, housewives and girlfriends are learning to unleash their inner playmate after a head-to-toe makeover and risque photo shoots.

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    Like bees in a hive, people want to be put together side-by-side. So best selling author, lifestyle/trend expert, and television host/commentator Sally Horchow came up with “Hiving,” which is the creation of innovative group activities to enhance one’s quality of life.

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    Style Your Dream Wedding with Susie Cuelho

    From the moment a girl can dream, her future wedding is always a major topic. But when that girl grows up and the time comes, it can be very expensive, time consuming and stressful to plan and pull off her dream wedding. Now it’s a little easier with Susie Cuelho around to show America’s betrothed how to achieve their lifelong dreams.