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    The Swimsuit Showdown

    The Swimsuit Showdown pins everyday men and women against each other in a competition of who can rock the most stylish and modern beach look.

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    Social Heights

    10021 is the most desirable zip code in Manhattan,and Devorah Rose is part of Manhattan’s social elite. Talented, powerful and glamorous, Devorah takes us inside a world that only a chosen few get to enter.

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    From his South Beach studio, LeiMarco is creating a fashion revolution.

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    Cube Chic

    Kelley Moore, design expert, author of “Cube Chic”, and regular contributor to the Rachel Ray and Ellen shows, has a simple philosophy: “To inspire and empower people through design”.

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    Bride & Joy

    Every bride wants her dress to look unique…so why do they all look the same? Renowned designer Joy and her staff create custom wedding dresses which incorporate themes and styles, family heirlooms and vintage items custom-tailored for each bride.

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    Brides Unscripted

    Welcome to Mon Amie, the largest bridal salon on the West Coast where it’s not just the brides causing trouble.  

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    It’s the happiest day of their lives, and couples want more from their time in the spotlight.  They want “Marryoake”!

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    Ready for Love with Kailen Rosenberg

    Kailen Rosenberg, relationship expert and celebrity matchmaker, runs the country’s first love and life design firm — where clients come from around the country for self and love makeovers.

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    Tough Cookie

    Gail Dosik not only acts like a tough cookie, she cooks them too! From her acclaimed New York City bakery, aptly named One Tough Cookie, Gail designs and bakes custom cookies, pastries, and cakes every day.

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    Fat Office

    With today’s long hours and hectic work weeks, employees usually find it hard to focus on their figures. Often settling for fast food, microwaved lunches and vending machines, modern workers just don’t do much to help themselves stay in shape.

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    Let’s Shop

    A spinoff of the syndicated series “Let’s Shop”, this new series will bring viewers inside the world’s most exclusive, exciting and famous shopping destinations.

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    Like the series from which it is spun off, “Envy”, is a non-stop celebration of hot women, exotic locations, cool diversions and amazing getaways.

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    What The Coasts Don’t Know

    Emily Baldwin is not your everyday fashion trendsetter. She’s smart, sassy and opinionated and…she lives in Kansas City!

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    Real People for Real Makeovers with Jacqui Stafford

    This British-born global style guru reaches millions of consumers daily with her trademark ‘best-girlfriend style advice.

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    My Big Frugal Wedding

    Under the guidance of Jenna DeAngeles, one of the world’s foremost master craftswomen and artists, My Big Frugal Wedding helps a cash-strapped couple tap into their inner Martha Stewart and find solutions to their wedding challenges without throwing money at the problem.

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    Mallika Chopra’s Spiritual Guide to Parenting

    Being a mother can be many things — amazing, fulfilling, challenging, painful, joyful….the list can go on forever — but the key to being a super-Mom is to learn from the challenges and thrills and to pass on solutions to others.

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    The Pin-up Girls

    Pink Kitty Studios is transforming Plain Janes into eye-popping pin-ups every day. With the help of the wild all-girl threesome that runs this photo studio, housewives and girlfriends are learning to unleash their inner playmate after a head-to-toe makeover and risque photo shoots.

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    Rags to Riches

    Elizabeth Mason, owner of Beverly Hills’ vintage couture oasis “The Paper Bag Princess”, designs one-of-a-kind dresses for stars like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham. But being the preeminent vintage expert isn’t always glamorous.

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    Jenna’s Studio

    Jenna’s stylish images and colorful designs grace home furnishings, art supplies, accessories, gift items and other products across the craft and retail spectrum. 

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    Under the guidance of makeup-artist-to-the-stars Kim White, our fashion paparazzi are catching victims in the street and taking them from busted to beautiful.  

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    Like bees in a hive, people want to be put together side-by-side. So best selling author, lifestyle/trend expert, and television host/commentator Sally Horchow came up with “Hiving,” which is the creation of innovative group activities to enhance one’s quality of life.

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    Style Your Dream Wedding with Susie Cuelho

    From the moment a girl can dream, her future wedding is always a major topic. But when that girl grows up and the time comes, it can be very expensive, time consuming and stressful to plan and pull off her dream wedding. Now it’s a little easier with Susie Cuelho around to show America’s betrothed how to achieve their lifelong dreams.

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    Live Large, Spend Small

    Say hello to Rene Syler,  former host of the CBS Early Show, renowned author, and passionate bargain-hunter to her core.  Rene knows how to find the decorating needle in the haystack.

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    Meet The Frockers

    The biggest prom store in America, Peaches, has over 500 customers daily and sells more prom, sweet sixteen, and quincenera dresses than anywhere in the country!

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    Star Treatment

    Celebrity fashion designer Angela Dean, and her celebrity stylist daughter, Tiffany, have transformed stars getting ready for the red carpet or a major event.

  • Doggie Style

    Fashion has gone to the dogs. All over the country, doggie designers are opening boutiques showcasing their furry friends.

  • Pageant Queens

    In the state of New Jersey, the competition is fierce in the preliminary pageants to Miss America as three well-known pageant directors battle it out to see if their contenders can win the crown.